Log conversations and track customer progress within the Autobooks Hub

The Autobooks Hub provides frontline banking staff a way to track their customer enrollment progress, payment activity, and more! Download a copy of our Autobooks Referral Guide to distribute to your staff.

Gaining Access to the Hub

Your company Hub Admin will need to set up your access to the Hub. You'll receive an invitation email to the Hub, with a prompt to create a password through the "Get access" link:

Your access link expires in 3 days. If your link no longer works, reach out to your company Hub Admin and they can send another invitation.

Submitting a Referral

Once the frontline banker has Hub access (see our article on Invite a Team Member to the Autobooks Hub for more details), customer referrals can be submitted using the referral form in the Hub.

The Home page arms you with the information you need to have successful Autobooks conversations with your customers:

Step One: Start the Conversation

Beginning an Autobooks conversation for the first time might feel intimidating. "How can I know the customer may need Autobooks?" "What questions can I ask to figure it out?".

We've got you covered! Check out our suggested starter questions, and get to know the basics by reading our resource guides.


Step Two: Show the Customer how to Self-Enroll

Once you've discussed Autobooks with the customer, it's a best practice to have them enroll on the spot. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes, and is completed within online banking. Just follow the steps along with the customer!

Step Three: Log your referral

Track your customer's progress in using Autobooks by logging your referral in the Hub! You can help the customer get approved to process payments, see when they become approved, and know when they get paid.

Referral form within the Hub


Help your customers make progress

Once you've completed the referral form, you may track your customers progress. Just click on the Progress Center link on the left side navigation.

You can actively help your customer make progress to getting paid using our recommended actions for each referral status (recommendations appear below your referred customer list).

  • Status: this column indicates where the customer is within the enrollment process. Statuses include:
    • Referred - the customer has not yet enrolled in Autobooks.
    • Missing Info - the customer has enrolled, but has not answered all enrollment questions to be approved to accept digital payments.
    • Under Review - the customer's information is being reviewed by an Autobooks Onboarding Specialist and pending decision.
    • Approved - the customer has enrolled, but not yet accepted a payment using Autobooks.
    • Active - the customer has accepted at least one payment using Autobooks.
    • Denied - the customer was denied merchant approval. They are not able to process payments within Autobooks, but are able to use all other features.
    • Deboard - the customer has been removed and can no longer process payments. This may occur if the customer leaves your financial institution or requests to cancel their account.
  • Name: this is the customer's First and Last name.
  • Referred on: the date the referral was submitted.
  • Onboard Date: the date the customer enrolled in Autobooks.