What is the Transparent Pricing Calculator?

The Transparent Pricing Calculator provides the small business owner the ability to know how much they will pay in transaction fees when accepting payments through Autobooks.

It is a marketing tool your bank can embed into your website to demonstrate the straightforward nature of Autobooks fees in contrast to competitor solutions.

Best Practice: Drive adoption of Autobooks by building trust with small business customers. Use the Transparent Pricing Calculator to provide confidence that the business won't encounter unexpected or "hidden" fees using Autobooks to get paid.

How do small business customers use the Transparent Pricing Calculator?

Small business customers can use the Transparent Pricing Calculator to understand how much payment processing fees will be per transaction using Autobooks.

The business will understand up front exactly what to expect for transaction fees on their most typical charges, which creates trust and peace of mind they won't encounter any hidden or undisclosed fees once they set up their Autobooks account.

How does the Transparent Pricing Calculator work?

The Transparent Pricing Calculator dynamically populates the correct rates and pricing information for the small business customer. The small business customer only needs to enter two pieces of info, and one optional piece of info:

  1. The dollar amount they are charging their customer

  2. The payment method (Type of charge) their customer will use to pay the small business owner (available methods are Credit Card or ACH Bank Transfer)

  3. Optional: add more sample transactions by clicking Add another transaction to understand a week (or month) worth of activity.

That's it!

How is the Transparent Pricing Calculator installed?

The Transparent Pricing Calculator takes only a few minutes to install by copying and pasting the small code snippet that is provided. To install:

  1. Create a new website landing page for the calculator, or add it to an existing Autobooks website landing page.
  2. Make sure to copy and paste the code provided directly. There are two lines in the code snippet:

    1. Line one specifies where the Transparent Pricing Calculator will actually show up on the page.

    2. Line two is the JavaScript that powers the Transparent Pricing Calculator.

  3. The code will need to be added into the spot within the website landing page where additional scripts may be added.

That's it! After adding the code snippet, the Transparent Pricing Calculator should dynamically appear.