What happens after I submit Missing Info on behalf of my customer in the Hub?

The Missing Info section is where you can actively assist in your customer's payment enablement. Autobooks is responsible to underwrite each small business applicant and approve them to accept payments digitally. In addition, Autobooks manages all fraud and chargeback disputes ongoing.

Most customers are automatically payment enabled upon enrollment, but on occasion we are missing key data to complete our process. You can contribute any key data we're missing right here on the Missing Info tab!

To provide missing info on behalf of your customer, just click the Add missing info button within that row of your list. 


A message will pop-up onscreen with the questions that are outstanding. Just answer all the questions you can, then click Submit.

If you're able to answer all outstanding questions, Autobooks will run an automated underwriting process and the customer will be payment enabled in minutes. If not all questions are answered, the customer will continue to appear in this list until that information is obtained.