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Help your newly enrolled small business customers get paid using Autobooks

Congrats - your small business customer just set up Autobooks and is approved to process payments!

But your job is not done yet. Your customer still needs your help to start getting paid.

Below are two pre-written emails you can copy and paste to send to your small business. 

Once you get a new notification email stating your customer is approved to process payments, simply:

  1. Copy and paste the text below into your email browser/software

  2. Modify the text accordingly

  3. Send to your customer to help them get paid with Autobooks


For further marketing resources you can leverage to help your SMBs get paid, visit our Marketing Resources page.






Email #1:


It looks like you just enrolled to get paid by your customers through your bank account. Our invoice and payment link tools are a great way to get paid without having to go through a third-party app.

If you’ve ever used a third-party app, you might’ve encountered a few headaches along the way, like:

  • Having to buy a card reader and playing phone tag with your customer to coordinate in-person meetings every time they need to swipe

  • Getting charged extra transaction fees when you can’t meet in person and you have to key in their credit card details

  • Waiting 3,4,5… sometimes even 7 days to transfer your money out of the third-party holding tank

If you’d like some help with the payment tools – or if you have questions about how to get paid – feel free to reply to this email. I’d be happy to help!


Hope to hear from you soon,

[Banker Email]


Email #2:


[YOUR NAME] from [YOUR FINANCIAL INSTITUTION] here. Not sure if you have lunchtime plans tomorrow. But if you're free I would love to talk to you more about the service you just enrolled in to get paid for your business.

Dozens of business owners like you have already started using these features in their checking accounts to collect payments faster than ever.

If you are currently using another payment app and would like to figure out how to get your money into your account faster, without having to manually transfer it, just reply and let me know.

I’d love to answer your questions!


Hope to talk soon,