Requesting access to the Autobooks Hub

The Hub is the place to be to access tools for your program's success.

Your Autobooks program needs a few things to get off the ground πŸš€: a good company goal for the product, education for your staff, marketing assets to make your customers aware of Autobooks, and access to your program data and reports.

Getting your hands on data and reports has never been easier! The Autobooks Hub holds the key to tools and data to help your customers succeed in using our solutions.

Requesting access to the Hub

If your financial institution partners with one of the following online bank providers, complete our Operational Form to gain access:

FIS users:​

Banno users:​

NCR users:


Use a different provider for your online banking? Send a message to and request your access to the Hub. 


Once you gain access to the Hub, complete these steps to make the most of your experience:

  1. Login to the Hub:
  2. Set your email notification preferences to be alerted on Autobooks customer activity. You can receive alerts for newly enrolled customers, activated customers, and more.
  3. Add team members to complete your team access to the Hub. The primary admin (first one set up in the Hub at your financial institution) has the ability to add and manage team member access. No need to wait on Autobooks to get your team members added.
  4. Get familiar with the site. Check out our Get Started article here.