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Let Autobooks help train your staff on the Basics, or sign up for one of our Bonus sessions to continue their education

You have a lot to do to get your staff up and running to promote Autobooks. Training them is a crucial part of a successful program, and Autobooks is here to help!


The Basics

The Autobooks Training team hosts a regular training webinar: Autobooks Basics. This class is a 45 minute session and is open for all of your staff, no matter their role. Our webinar schedule is posted for the entire quarter, so you can plan in advance.

We host the session several times per month. You can attend as many sessions as you like, and are not limited to the number of employees that can attend!

The Bonus

Autobooks also hosts special bonus webinars every quarter. Check our current topic or if you missed a previous session, watch the class recording.

Sign up for a session here.


Best Practice: Embed our registration page link into your Learning Management System or Autobooks Resources page so your staff can self-register.