How to add the Autobooks landing page snippet to your website

The Autobooks landing page snippet is designed to provide a plug and play landing page in an iFrame that communicates the value of Autobooks to your customers. The landing page snippet includes:

  1. A tool to allow the customer to send themselves a test invoice

  2. A booking tool to schedule a call with an Autobooks Specialist

How is the landing page snippet installed?

The Autobooks landing page should only take a few minutes to install. Below are the simple instructions to install the Autobooks landing page in your CMS:

  1. Create an Autobooks landing page to house the iFrame content provided. For example, {yourdomain}.com/autobooks

  2. Make sure to copy/paste the provided code directly as it contains financial institution-specific identifiers in the code. There are two lines in the code snippet:

    1. Line one specifies where the iFrame will actually appear on the page

    2. Line two is the JavaScript that powers the content in the iFrame

  3. Paste the provided code into your CMS where you created the new Autobooks page, in the spot where your CMS allows you to add additional scripts. This should be a similar process to adding a YouTube video to a landing page.

  4. Once the code snippet has been added to your CMS, a new iFrame should be generated on your new {yourdomain}.com/autobooks page with everything pre-populated. Here's a good example of a landing page in action: .