Autobooks Training Kit

Our premium training kit is everything you need to train your staff on driving outcomes with Autobooks.

Educating your staff on new products is a crucial step to successful programs. Documenting new processes or procedures from scratch is time-consuming, tedious....and at the end of the day, were you able to document everything holistically and accurately?

Autobooks takes that burden off you and your training teams by providing you all the assets you need to train your teams up front, and additional assets for ongoing learning.

Introducing our Autobooks Training Kit

Our kit contains everything you need to prepare you staff to promote Autobooks. 

Download the Kit here.

Let's take a peek inside the box:

  1. Training Deck: Our editable PowerPoint allows you to customize your classroom training. Add information on incentive programs, lead tracking, and more! 
  2. Leader Notes: These notes align with each slide in our training deck. Read them verbatim, or use them as talking points to guide your classroom experience.
  3. Class Quiz: Want to make sure your team retained the good stuff in training? We provide quiz questions that can be used to test their knowledge.
  4. Participant Guide: Provide this guide to your classroom attendees to take notes during the training session. After training, this guide doubles as a reference document!
  5. Branch Summary: Provide this summary to branch managers or team leads that need to educate or remind their staff about Autobooks.
  6. Team Huddles: Our huddles highlight an Autobooks feature in a bite-size format. Perfect for team leaders that want to emphasize Autobooks throughout the year.
  7. Educational Emails: We've provided email copy for you to extend enthusiasm for Autobooks past the initial launch activities. Use our packet of emails whenever you want to highlight Autobooks to your staff.  Our messages are perfect for an internal newsletter too!
  8. Help and Resources: Have a question about this kit or how best to use it? We've got your back with training experts to provide advice and best practices.


Plus all the resources traditionally available at! Check out the Autobooks Training page for more information, including how to sign up for an upcoming training webinar.