A Guide to the Autobooks Payment Report

The Autobooks Payment Report gives you a running list of all the Autobooks processed payment activities of your Autobooks users within your financial institution. Each line is a processed payment transaction and offers you details of that transaction. This report offers you the flexibility to filter out transactions by date and identify who are your most active SMBs.

The Autobooks Payment Report is updated weekly where you can easily access it on demand.

Where can the Payment Report be found in the Autobooks Hub?

The Autobooks Payment Report can be found in the Reports section under Download Reports. This section provides the most recent reports along with a historical list.

What data is in the Autobooks Payment Report?

Inside the Autobooks Payment Report you’ll find the following information:

Column Description:

  • Autobooks SMB ID: Unique Autobooks-assigned identifier used to further identify a unique SMB user.

Note: the Autobooks SMB ID is static at the individual level and would be the same unique SMB identifier used throughout the Autobooks reporting suite.

  • SMB Name: The business name (not the business owner name)

  • Payment Amount: Payment amount processed
  • Payment Created Date: Date of processed payment

  • Payment Created Month: Month payment was processed

  • Payment Created Year: Year payment was processed 

  • Payment Created Time: Time of processed payment

  • Transaction Type: Whether payment came in through the Invoicing or Payment Form tool

  • Payment Type: The payment type (i.e. credit card or ACH)

  • Card Brand: If payment type is credit card, the credit card brand used

  • Payment Status: The status of the payment
  • Instant Payment: Whether payment was processed through Instant Payment mode – a feature that allows SMBs to get paid within seconds

What can I do with this report?

Identifying anomalies & outliers

As you review the Autobooks Payment Report, you may begin to identify super-user customers who you’d want to better understand their transactional & behavioral attributes. From there, you can find similar customers in your portfolio who might also benefit from the Autobooks solution. 

The Autobooks Payment Report allows you to thoroughly understand the nature of the individual business and their specific transaction activity to help best define additional targeting metrics.